Monday, August 4, 2014

Today's Featured Vendor: Boston General Store!

"Boston General Store has been slowly forming in my mind since I began spending summers with my Nanna in the Berkshires as a child. Most of my memories revolve around the two of us spending our time out in the garden wading our way through thorny bushes of raspberries. Our gear was old long-sleeved chambrays with mason jars tied around our waists.  Every year we used the same jars, ropes, and shirts.

Later we would move into the kitchen and make unbelievable raspberry jam.  She would use the same equipment every time, and seeing those pots and pans became just as much a part of my memory as the raspberries themselves. The idea that well-made products actually could last a lifetime and become stories in themselves always amazed me.

Our goal with the Boston General Store is to provide people with really great products that will last a lifetime and become part of creating happy memories like the ones I have of my Nanna."

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See you on September 6th at Mill No. 5!

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