Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today's Featured Vendor: POWpaper

Today's Featured Vendor is: POWpaper!

"When I started creating art it was part of my background education to become a graphic designer. I had learned techniques to create art based on European artists, but I lost track of my culture. As I started learning more about my Chinese heritage I learned about traditional Papercut art style. So a few years back i was creating 2D single sheet papercuts. Though it was nice to achieve techniques and compositions like past Chinese artists I wanted to go beyond. So I began layering 2D papercuts to create 3D images. 

 I was still looking at my cultural history when I learned that in English culture, quilling paper was a popular technique. Though quilling was interesting I couldn't stop at what the traditional styling was. The I broke out and created images using quilling more like drawing than curling individual elements. "


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