Thursday, August 20, 2015

Today's Featured Vendor: Bad Moon Consignment and Our Lady of Reclamation

We've got a double feature for you today with 
Bad Moon Consignment and Our Lady of Reclamation.

Bad Moon Consignment was born in early 2013 by Co Owners and Artists Jen and Jamie.
Bad Moon focuses on positive messages through symbols and or other ideas with in handmade items as well as up-cycling as much as possible. 
We have a deep passion for the strange and unusual, magic, nature, art, animals, and the dead.

Our Lady Of Reclamation is a small company based in Worcester, MA. They are the purveyors of fine religious articles, medical and dental effects, ephemera, vintage americana and decor, entomology, taxidermy and other curiosities. Custom orders are available.

Be sure to drop by Bad Moon and Our Lady's shared table space at The Flea 2 at Mill No.5 on September 5th.

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