Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today's Featured Vendor: Luna Pines Press & Craft

"I started Luna Pines Press & Craft mostly because my hands can't sit still.  I am always making something and admiring the beauty in the world around us, or looking for a way to make it more beautiful. 

My items tend to be made from things I am drawn to intuitively. I find much of my inspiration from my supplies themselves, so when I come upon new materials the creative process has already begun. I find myself strongly drawn to natural materials. I love creating things that showcase the innate beauty of the nature. I am so inspired by the world around us! From the extraordinary landscapes to the structure of crystals to the flora and fauna of the forest, I am awe struck by the creations of Mother Nature. 

In my shop, studio, and home I try to keep things as natural as possible because I have a deep respect for the land and all that it brings us. I strive to live as gently as I can so to maintain a deep connection with the earth and its creatures, including people! I hope Luna Pines Press & Craft reflects this connection and respect. "

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