Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today's Featured Vendor: Uptown Vinyl

Today's Featured Vendor is: Uptown Vinyl!

"I sell vinyl of all kinds, from the affordable and accessible to the obscure and collectible. Rock, rockabilly, jazz, soul and r&b, punk/hardcore/metal, country and 80's pop/new wave and more. I sell LP's and some seven inch. I usually have some cheap dollar records as well as some high end collectible stuff and most things in between.

I will also be selling vintage clothes for Dang! Thats Cherry. DTC is a mid-century modern vintage store in Troy, NY that I also sell 50s /60s records exclusively. The clothes will be almost exclusively 50's and 60's vintage with some potential reproductions of similar style, with a focus on rockabilly and pinup style. Mens and womens. Pendletons, western shirts, tons of great dresses and maybe some accessories."

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