Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Today's Featured Vendor: Teenarena Records!

Today's Featured Vendor: Teenarena Records!

"Here at Teenarena Records we believe bands and musicians should be able to earn a living (or at least a nice chunk of change) doing what they’re do best…making coffee. No, no no, not making coffee.  Making records!

So this is the idea: We are run by volunteers.  Anybody who wants to lend a hand is welcome to do so and it will be greatly appreciated.  We’ve already had some amazing contributions from some fantastic artists, writers and other special folks along the way so far.  These volunteers keep us going and functioning.
And there are bands we love, that we think should have records and tapes and other things to sell to people.  We say, “Hey bands! Can we make a record with your music?” The bands are entitled to 90% of the profits from the sale of their records or anything else we sell on the website and they retain all the rights to their music.  Bands also control all of the decisions surrounding the musical and visual choices involved in producing the record. We hope to make the investment back from selling records on the website and wherever else we can. We then will take that money and put it into producing a new record and so on and so forth until hopefully, forever."


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