Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today's Featured Vendor: Evy Tea

Today's Featured Vendor is: Evy Tea!

" The idea of “EvyTea” started out of frustration of how little selection there were for tea beverages that contained actual tea.  As a matter of fact, many bottled teas made in the U.S. actually contain no tea at all - they use artificial flavoring to save cost and increase profit margins.
 So when we came up with the idea of a bottled tea that contained no sweeteners of any kind and can be consumed in all occasions.   All our teas use 100% natural ingredients ( some organic) , and top quality loose leaf teas.   Our goal is to bring a fresh freeze to the industry so you can raise a glass and enjoy a higher quality life .  Take a sip, you will find a complex yet pleasing taste profile in each and every bottle, bringing a never anticipated journey of your taste palate.
 Since Evy Tea was first introduced as Tea Cuvée in 2012,  EvyTea has won the 1st place of “North America Tea Championship 2013 – Ready to Drink Oolong Class” and is proudly made locally in Boston, MA.
Evy is the winner of Boston’s “25 Under 25” Innovative Leader Award 2013."

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